İngilis dili dərsləri (20. dərs)

İngilis dili dərsləri (20. dərs)
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Məchul növ
Əvvəlcə misallara baxaq:
The office is cleaned every day. 

The office was cleaned yesterday.

Məlum növlə məchul növün müqayisəsi:
Somebody cleans the office every day.

The office is cleaned every day.
Somebody cleaned the office yesterday.

The office was cleaned yesterday.

Məchul növün düzəlməsi:
İndiki zamanda: am / is / are (not) fel (keçmiş formada)

Keçmiş zamanda: was / were (not) fel (keçmiş formada)
Butter is made from milk.

Oranges are imported into Britain.

How often are these rooms cleaned?

I am never invited to parties.

This house was built 100 years ago.

These houses were built 100 years ago.

When was the telephone invented?

We weren't invited to the party last week.

'Was anybody injured in the accident?'   'Yes, two people were taken to hospital.'

Was / were born:
I was born in London in 1962. ('I am born' -- yox)

Where were you born?

Məchul by:
We were woken up by a loud noise. (= The noise woke us up.)

The telephone was invented by Alexander Bell in 1876.

My brother was bitten by a dog last week.

Çox işlənən sifətlər: good and bad things
( ) 'good' adjectives
A good restaurant.                    A better restaurant.


This restaurant is better than that one.

nice ( ) lovely ( ) wonderful ( ) excellent ( )a: That's a nice jacket. b: Thank you.

a: It's a lovely day today! b: Yes, it is. 

A wonderful view
Mary's a wonderful person. Everybody loves her.
a: Do you want to go to London on Saturd b: That's an excellent (= very good) idea!
you answer and want to say how you feel: a: The train arrives at six
o'clock; dinner is at seven. b: Excellent! / Great! / Wonderful! /
Lovely! / Perfect!

(-) 'bad' adjectives
bad (worse / the worst)
terrible (- ­)

The weather last year was worse than this year. Tim is a horrible
person. Nobody likes him. (used about people I had a terrible day at
work today, (used about situations) The traffic's terrible at 5 o'clock
on Fridays.

Note: We often say not bad when we are speaking: a: I get $500 a week in my job. b: That's not bad! (= good!)

You can say these adjectives with how:

a: I have to get up at 5.30 tomorrow.

b: Oh, how awful! / horrible! [not how bad]скачать dle 11.3

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